What do you think? Is it a sign or am I just thinking too much?

My girlfriend went to the mall by herself because I was at work. She ran into a guy, who was her customer at work. She hung out with him for a few hours then accepted his phone number just to be nice. That's what she told me.
She was saying he's a nice guy but he was pushy by making her go to stores she doesn't like. She said it made her misses me and that his pushiness was annoying her. It seemed like she tried to make him out to be a good guy, I don't know.
She said I don't think I'll be seeing him again and I said I hope not then she got a little defensive saying he does shop where she works and that he lives around the area. That's was all I said at the time.

I like that she was honest with me but why accept a guy's phone number to be nice?


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  • Something seems off there. If a guy gives a girl his phone number, he is expressing interest. Did she tell him that she had a boyfriend (you)? It could be absolutely nothing, but it's a little weird that she accepted his number. Maybe she just sees him as a platonic potential friend, though I doubt that is how he sees her.

    • She told me me he knew because she keeps talking about me with him. She also said it probably annoyed him that she talked about me so much. But I don't know, I just have to take her word for it.

    • If that's what she said then I would believe her. I would start to get suspicious if she were to start seeing this guy more and more. Right now it was more of a one time encounter.

    • Thank you! How are things going with your girlfriend?

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  • If I a guy were to give me his phone number, I'd just say yes out of niceness. I hate saying no


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