Guys, I really need your help? Does he like me? And should I give him another chance?

You know the story, I liked a guy, he liked another girl. I got hurt. A year later we both still singles. He still acts interested.
He stare, doesn't matter if I sit right in front of him or far away.
He usually sit somewhere near where I'm sitting, and in a way so he is able to look at me.
He listens to what my conversations but won't join them.
He hang out with the people I hang out with. I'm more outgoing than him, so I usually hang out with these people first.
The thing is he openly admitted that his dating online and talked about this girl. But a lot of our mutual friends does this as well as a game. I wasn't jealous, I thought "Thank god, he's not my problem". But now it's my problem, I'm not in love with him, but my feelings towards him has changed.
I just don't know if he is playing a stupid game I happens to be a part of? Or if he really likes me? But he seem quite genuine this time. I just don't trust my gut feeling. Last time I trusted it I got hurt. I'm not sure if I should give him another chance?


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  • I think with the dating thing he is making you jealous. As to giving him a chance is up to you, is he worth it you?

    • "To you"

    • If he did it a year ago, yes I would have been jealous. Now? Not really. I've seen many times that he is all talk no action when it comes to things like this. I was a bit surprised that I didn't feel jealous.
      I'm not in love with him, so I don't know if he's worth it.

    • I'm not in love with him is a strong hint i think :p