Guys, is he telling the truth?

I've been dating this guy for three months and one day he asked if I was wearing a wedding ring or something. I told him it was a promise ring/purity ring. When I explained to him what it was he said it was great. Then a month passed by and he asked again and i'm like remember I told you it was a purity ring and he's like yeah I forgot. And then he said he was a virgin too and that he liked the idea of me waiting. And he said he might do it too. then I said he should but then he said it was embarrassing to be 17 and still be a virgin. I know he might be telling the truth but he touched my ass and I let him only once but doesn't that mean something? isn't true that guys who are virgin will feel shy about touching a girl that way? I asked my guy friend and he thinks he's not a virgin just by the way he walks and wears his hat. Is he right? please help!

all i need to know if you guys think he is telling the truth


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  • ... your friend who thinks ya can tell by the way he wears his hat... yeah
    don't talk to him again.

    • Lol i know but when i ask him for guy advice he's 98 percent of the time correct... but i really need someones opinion if he's telling the truth or not

    • Only peep who knows that answer is him.
      We could give you perfect advice. . but that bit of doubt you have will still be there

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  • "I asked my guy friend and he thinks he's not a virgin just by the way he walks and wears his hat. Is he right?"<---- sorry but that was a stupid generalisation basically!

  • He's prolly telling the truth. Virgin guys arn't always shy about touching ass. Just wondering how did he touch you, did he just grab it? And how did u stop him from touching after that time?

    • Well he has tried to touch it only one time. Just this time I only let him once. He didn't exactly just grab it, he kind of was like testing if I was ok with it like he moved up to my thigh then eventually my ass. But it was only like a one time thing to kind of show him that if he can grab my ass when he does something good. Like a reward that's all... I know it sounds stupid.