Should I try too ask him out?

So there's this guy I've been crushing on for a long time and he is really shy I've cot him checking me out but he talks too me fine I ask him edvis about boy and what he doesn't like in girls he said girls that aren't taller than him well I'm taller than him and I'm scared he will reject me he's really sweet and I don't know what to fo

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  • I would be nervous if he has said things like "I do not like girls who are taller than me" and you are taller than him... not looking so good.


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  • If it were me, I would give him a week or so to give him a chance to ask you out. If he doesn't in a week or whenever you feel is enough time for him to ask you. Then Go for it!

  • Sure go for it

  • You should ask him out. Your question is confusing, you said "he doesn't like girls that AREN'T taller than him". Do you mean "he doesn't like girls that ARE taller than him", so that is why you are worrying? Maybe you can proof read your question and edit it.

  • I usualy like girls shorter than me, but that is never an impediment to dating. Never. Rather have a nice, funny tall girl than most other short one. Go for it and good luck ;)


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