What do I do in this situation (online dating)?

I am really interested in a particular girl that I came across online and she even likes me back according to the Tinder style thumbs up, thumbs down matching game that is on the website. Trouble is, I tried messaging her and her inbox is full. :/

The thing about it too is, I am VERY picky and hardly find myself attracted to any girls at all, but this girl, there's something about her and now I can't do anything more. The site at least lets her know that we're a match but she'd probably be waiting for me to say something first and I can't. It's not everyday I get a mutual like from a beautiful girl.

I suppose at the very least it's a boost of confidence, seeing that a highly attractive girl could also find me attractive but I don't want it just to stop there. :/



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  • See that's the problem with Tinder, it's like a game. Her inbox is full because she has thumbs up a lot of guys. If you're a match then so are the others. A match on Tinder only means that you both find each other attractive. It's possible that she is only on there for attention and likes getting it from a lot of guys meaning there really isn't anything special about this match. Looks like you will have to wait your turn to talk to her.

    • Well it's not just because of the game. Everyone is free to message anyone, whether it's because they found them through the game, through browsing, or whatever. It doesn't mean she necessarily thumbs upped a ton of guys. She's attractive so it makes sense a lot of guys probably messaged her anyway.

      Her replies are also "very selective" so she's probably picky too. lol

    • Picky would slim your chances too well good luck

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  • Does she go to your school? Have you maybe seen her around? I mean technically if her inbox is full there is not a whole lot you can do in this situation unfortunately

    • No she's from an area a good drive south of where I am. Not too far though. I've never met her, and wouldn't have even known of her otherwise.

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    • This is stupid and totally how my luck with girls goes. lol

    • Hahahaha turst me dude I feel the same. I have not had relationship in a few years and it can be frustrating and lonely at times. You will find a fine woman who appreciates you one day though!