Girls, do I sound gay from my story below? I think some girls mistakenly believe I am gay, what do you think?

I have mostly guy friends hardly any female friends at all, i like the spa, i love shopping, i like chick flicks, i like musicals, i like to moisturize and i like yoga and am into meditation. I am a virgin who has never dated before and have hardly hung out with women at all really, so what do you think if you heard all of this or some of this would you think i am gay?

Probably just guy friends that would say that I'm gay then I guess lol That is why I don't tell them I like that stuff they are harsh lol
I guess people just like to judge others is what it truly comes down to. What does it matter if someone is gay or straight or bi if your not taking them home then it does not concern you.


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  • Holy sh*t!

    I think I'm gay because I like all those things.

    We can't answer this question for you. Lol! You either are or aren't. That's not for us to say of know. Sounds to me like you like normal human things. I don't think anything of those things you mentioned come with a "one type gender only" option.


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  • What if instead of simply seeing it as gay/straight, we viewed people as being pinpointed somewhere along a wide spectrum of sexuality. And where you are on the spectrum doesn't matter. It's seldom black and white or clear-cut. You are who you are; offer no explanations and no apologies. You sound like an awesome guy who is getting a lot out of life! Enjoy that.

  • I wouldn't assume anyone is gay or straight based on those things alone.