Really confused about a guy at school. What should I do?

Okay so there's this boy at school I've known for a long time. Since 3rd grade. While right? Well the crazy thing is for knowing each other for so long, we've never really talked that much or gotten to know each other. Well, he asked me out 2 days before spring break and I said yes cause I thought that from what I've seen he's a nice guy. He's been really sweet so far, giving me hand picked flowers and chocolates. But over spring break my cousin (which is his friend) told me some bad things about him. I'm not sure if I should believe them or not though. I know that people at school think we're cute and I haven't heard bad things from anyone else. And his good friend mckayla says he's a really nice and respectful guy. So I don't know if I should even mention it or worry about it. Should I leave it alone or say something?


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  • Well everyone has made mistakes, so dont judge him on what he did in the past, assuming that what your cousin said was true

    If he treats you right and makes you feel special he sounds awesome!
    Not every boy will steal flowers from his neighbors garden =P
    or give you chocolates!

    he sounds really romantic and sweet, i say stay with him!!!


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  • Don't worry about it. Learn about him on your own

  • Well if everyone except your cousin thinks he is a nice respectable guy, then I would ask your cousin why they think that your boyfriend is bad. Otherwise just leave it

    • He's told me why. He said he still likes him but he isn't a very good guy for me.

    • well if you like your boyfriend and he likes you then you be the judge of how good he is for you based upon how he treats you

    • Okay I will. (:

  • If he treats you right respects you and makes you happy then be with him don't let others opinions change your opinion of him. Get to mow him and take it from there


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