Crazy or in love?

I've stayed with my boyfriend after he cheated on me with a "friend" who has been trying to brake us up since we started dating and set up a huge plan to get him caught, I love him even though I'm angry, upset, annoyed and don't have as much trust in him as I did... Am I crazy or just in love?


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  • you're just crazy. Why would you continue to pursue a guy who cheated on you? Oh because he feel bad now and knows he can get some from you, so he acts like he feels bad? Who knows


What Girls Said 1

  • Both, crazy in love at the same time they go hand in hand. If he truly loves you, he will ignore this other crazy attempts made by this other person.

    • He's blocked her on everything and was crying about what a horrible choice he made.

    • Good, as he should!! Now time will tell and if so... then perfect. If anything else were to resurface... run like the wind bull's eye.

    • oh I will!