The one word responses in online dating?

So what I'm here to gripe about is one word responses. My example is a recent one which left me perplexed.

Girl: Hey :)
MeGuy: Hi, how are you? That photo of you swimming with the turtle is awesome, where was it?
Girl: Cairns.

Thats it... One word. Ignoring the first question. Blunt. No return question, no explanation.. Do you not want to make a conversation flowing? Why such little effort to respond when she said hey first? These responses leave me agitated and bored. Why should I show any more interest when I get responses like this? Yes it happens often! Sorry if this sounded like a rant but how should I be reading into these?


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  • I'd be agitated and bored too. I'd just stop talking to the person. If I'm interested in someone, I make a point to keep the conversation going, either by asking them questions and answering their questions with enough detail that there's something else they could could me about or share their own personal story about, etc. If I'm not interested, then I don't message them/don't reply, or tell them I'm not interested.

    I'm not interested in people who aren't willing to put in effort back. Not worth it.

    • That's pretty much my train of thought... I stop talking to these people every time as well. I know that there are others out there who will put in the effort with responses so why would I waste my time with ones that don't. I tried once to keep talking to one of these people, the responses increased to 2 or 3 words. After 5 messages I had 8 words out of her. I stopped talking. She messaged the next day saying 'Hey'. I gave her a ZERO word response..

    • Yeah, I mean, even if she does eventually start talking more, it comes across as the type of attitude that she's expecting you to put in all the effort and just be happy that she responded. I'd be worried that, even if you did end up dating someone like that, they'd have unfair expectations in other areas of the relationship too.

      Also, you look like Edward Norton, so you'll be alright.

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  • You get shitty boring girls. I think you should drop a message to a book smart girl instead of waiting for a good one to come messaging you.

  • You asked where the turtle was and it was answered. No more or less what guys do to us and generally everyone. Besides she responded Hey with a smiley face she must be somewhat interested. I'm never impressed nor do I want to give the wrong impression so I never text any smileys lol. Who said you were genuinely interested in hearing about it? No one wants to be a mind-reader all the time bc most people aren't interested in your epic vacation so why take the time to explain if they don't ask.

    • If I asked a question regarding a photo where you are clearly on holiday would that not show that I am at least a little bit curious of your encounter? Of course. Why would I ask a question if I wasn't interested?

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    • The only thing I would be guilty of would be going out of my way to not make any suggestive or inappropriate things to women than would make them feel uncomfortable. Wolf whistling makes me feel sick. Cat calling is disgraceful.

    • Then you must be a reasonablely good guy and you might get a little further if you go that extra step in asking something like "where's that and how was it?"

  • If i am interested I would tell more about the turtle like, it was so cute and stuff so we can start a conversation but the mere fact that she sent you message first, means she's at least interested.

    • Yeah, that's the bit that confuses me.. If she was interested I would think there would be a little more effort... Is it too much to expect a 2 word response? Haha.

    • Or she changed her mind. It happens to me sometimeS. "Ahh i should not have sent this person a message" lol Thats ok, dont think about it too much.

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  • uh-oh...1 word responses are a bad sign basically... that she's not interested...:-/