Girl told me she doesn't go for younger guys? What should I do?

Well im pretty sure she knew i was younger then her (been texting for like 3 weeks, im 23 she's 25), yet she told me she doesn't date younger guys today. She said it's by choice, but im merely 2 years younger, is it that big of a turnoff? I've met and know guys her age still messing around not looking for a relationship, so clearly age means nothing. What should be my next move? I just texted her id like to know why she doesn't date younger...Im pretty refined myself i've travelled a lot and speak french as well, with friends all over the world. What gives?


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  • Your best bet is to cut loose of her ASAP. Clinging to hope with a girl who has clearly told you that you're out of the running is a recipe for misery. The good thing is that you're 23, so you can do well with all the girls who are 18-21. Leave her and find someone who thinks more highly of you.

    • Shame I was hoping to finally get with my first redhead :(. True though she doesn't seem like she thinks of me highly... her loss lol

    • Yes, that's the right attitude. It is her loss. Besides, anyone who pisses off people based strictly on a two-year age difference has issues.

    • Get this, she replied with "I need someone to control and has authority, I can't see that in anyone thats younger". I just replied "shame, but seeing as you think so low of me, Ill just stop wasting both our times". Does this makes sense to you? Coz it surely doesn't to me lol. "she says I dont think low of you"... Yeah ok

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  • Some women just like their men to be older. I'm one of them. It's not truly an insecurity issue more that it's... a little unsexy. I can't explain the rationale behind it--there really isn't any.

    I know I wouldn't be into a guy if he was a DAY younger than me. I still can't explain it.


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  • You can't change people, they usually find out for themselves later. Move on to someone else.

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