Do redemption stories have any business dating if they are not fully redeemed?

What is a man to do when over the past few years some things (bad relationships, police, failed business etc.) have happen to put him in a position where he has no money, is living with his parents, no car, and so forth. He now has a job and is rebuilding his life. Things are going well and he feels good despite the past. The only problem is his heart feels empty and alone.

If a man is on his way to, but not in a good spot to provide, does he have any business flirting and talking to girls, or should he leave them alone completely for 6 - 24 months until he is fully back on his feet?


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  • Making sure he has a wide friend network is a good idea, regardless, and it can contain women :p

    Because if he does end up meeting someone, he's still going to have a rocky road ahead of him, and having someone besides a girlfriend to turn to for emotional support is *vital*.

    • You hit the nail on the HEAD

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