Is there some secret to getting a boyfriend that I don't know about?

Long story short, I'm in college, never had a boyfriend, im a mechanical engineering major so my choices aren't limited. I've been what you might call talking to guys before, but then it gets to a point and they either stop talking to me, or just end up being friends, or they end up going after some girl who seems better than me in some way.

I am in no way desperate, I take life as it comes, I'm not a huge flirt, my idea of flirting is lIight teasing and :) or ;) in my text messages...

i just feel feel like there is some secret to getting a boyfriend I don't know about, because some girls have to ability to jump from guy to guy I like instantly.


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  • you might just not be meeting the right guys. most guys you do meet eventually just don't click ya know.

    • I know what you mean. I've had some guys, where I just felt some kind of click. But the thing is, Ill never really know if the click was mutual if you know what I mean. There are other guys where I just didn't feel the same spark. It's kind of weird how you just know some things

    • I get what you mean, you felt it but he didn't. makes perfect sense. and that happens a lot which makes an incompatible couple so it would be better off if nothing started to begin with.

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  • Maybe they are flirting with you and you might be clueless? Lol
    No offense or anything but it might be the case. And no girl is better than you

    • I wouldn't be surprised if I'm clueless. I think I have a hard time time knowing if a guy is flirting with me, or just being friendly and having fun.

    • No I totally get it. I'm pretty clueless when a girl flirts with me. Except my fiancĂ©. I get her lol
      So if you've got your eye in a guy, go ask HIM out :)

  • Nope. People just have their own "time" for things.


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