What is he doing?

So I've been seeing this guy for a little while now, about a month and I know we're taking things slow. He makes a point to see me pretty much everyday or evening. However he has said he isn't ready for commitment which we've had a conversation on but I can't help but wonder what is he doing? I know he still talks to other girls, I'm not sure if he's dating other girls or not, but what do I do if I'm ready to start seeing each other exclusively? Its not that I'm wanting to jump into a relationship with him but it makes me feel back burnered to know he still spends most of his day talking to other girls. Especialy when I'm content with just talking with him, I do however still talk to other guys and date since that's what he's doing. Is this this going anywhere or am I wasting my time on this guy?


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  • Try to take things a bit further... you said it yourself you guys taking things slowly so he might think you don't like him and he's wasting his time with you.. right?

    • He definitely knows I like him, honestly the ball is in he court. I might mention something though:) thank you.

    • Basically always remember to not put so much effort into this if you felt he's not doing so... good luck :-)

  • He's trying to gauge your interest level w/o being tied down and leaving a lot of ambiguities.


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