If he likes the other girl why doesn't he talk to HER?

My crush has lots of friends on Facebook. He added me. But even I have to admit that his lust/sexual infatuation with this other girl is pretty obvious :( they aren't friends on Facebook. He doesn't even talk to her at school but he says hi to ME sometimes. He looks at her a lot though. More than he looks at me. I asked My friends and a few of them also Think he likes the other girl but if he likes her then why doesn't he add her on fb or at least talk to HER? Does this mean he doesn't really like her?


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  • most people are shy, i mean you haven't approached him either did you?
    he is probably afraid of being rejected :D

    • He's not shy but how come he doesn't talk to that girl? He talks to me sometimes and added me on Facebook. Does it mean he doesn't really like her?

    • it might be, but it might also be that he is afraid to talk to her. i mean very open people can still be shy when in love :)

What Girls Said 1

  • I think he's a bit intimidated to contact her which is why he hasn't done it yet. But I do understand how annoying it is to like someone who constantly talks to someone else.

    ... I think I might be doing that to someone now... but he's doing the same so...

    • Well he's not talking to her. He just looks at we. If he talked to her it would give me closure so I could move on.

    • Whoops. I meant "constantly talks about someone else". Why not encourage him to talk to her so that he can stop talking to you about her?

    • Well I just hear him talking about her with his friends when she's not there. He doesn't exactly talk to me about her.