Guys does this mean your not interested?

So I've been speaking to this guy everyday for 2 weeks, things are going good. He told my friend (who set us up) that he wanted to take me out on a date but was skint because of holiday. He asked to hang out anyways. During that time he has been really cute and even hinted at it becoming into something more.

I met him yesterday, it wasn't awkward & we got on just fine. Things did get heated but I told him I wouldn't have sex & he was fine with it. He asked when I was free next & even suggested about meeting up tomorrow. He messaged me last night with the same usual thing saying 'night gorgeous' we spoke a little today but since my last text he's gone cold & hasn't replied. He's been on social media but I feel blown off. Am I over reacting?


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  • I don't think you are, his tactics look like the one used when sex is the objective (and you kind of ruined that upfront lol). I can't assume that though, im just using the length of time as a yardstick. Wait till he contacts you, lets see what he says.

  • the dude is a player.
    guys are simple creatures, we live to work and reproduce. few of us pay attention to how we do it and that's why your "friend" is cold now.

    or he's just busy with some stuff he needs to sort out. that happens sometimes and doesn't mean you were just another "failed attempt". it means busy but online, leave a message and see how he replies.


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