Today this girl was staring me at me a lot is he into me or is it something else?

I usually wouldn't think much into it, but girls never look at me like she was she had to be staring for a good bit of time and it seemed like she was trying to get to make eye contactable she repeated it a lot. Does she like me or just she's doing this for no reason I guess we all look at random people sometimes. If so what should I say to her. If she's into me great I think she's really pretty. But I'm a little introverted so even if she is I won't know what to say? Why is she staring?

Girls perspective anyone?
can someone help me out


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  • She probably likes, start by initiating short conversations such as if you are in the same class talk about a particular topic covered in class. That way you can learn mre about her and the initiate different conversations

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