Why would a guy care about you flirting with other men when he has a serious gf?

I will try and shorten this as soon as possible

-we use to be friends
-he didn't have a girlfriend
-I started to ignore him
-he got a gf a month later and would always brag about her
-I wasn't his friend anymore and he would get jealous when other men would talk to me
-like to point where rumors were mad
-his friends were mean to me
-even after 2 years he would still act immature around me
-he tried to walk away from his gf to talk to me


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  • Because he's selfish and jealous.


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  • Sounds as though he is using his current girlfriend to make you jealous. He sounds like a complete asshole. I would recommend avoiding him and his tangled love life at any cost. Remember, if you become his girlfriend he would treat you the same way. How a man treats other women in his life is a good indicator of how he will treat you.

  • I'm confused, what did he do wrong?

    • Did I say he did something wrong?
      I'm asking why he's acting this way

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