What are your thoughs on location of where you see someone effecting how attracted you are to them?

this is a topic i'd like to discuss so i'm asking the question , do you feel location of where you see someone affects how attracted you are to them ? or how you view them or those kinds of aspects ?

i'm asking this cause over the years i've noticed a great difference in terms of how i was viewed by girls in my town depending on where they saw me , several bars and restaurants are located near the downtown and some i've meet lots of girls and others nothing . there was this semi boring sports bar i'd go to and honestly never meet any girls there , a nightclub i always had bad luck at and found girls very difficult and a pub with a patio where i have meet a number of girls over the years and have had numerous conversations with girls from town at and seem to have better luck with girls at this location over the other 2 . its the same town so i was always rather confused how some of the same girls appeared more interested in me at the pub than at the nightclub ? its seemed the location/atmosphere had something to do with it ? is all i could come up with ? any thoughs you have


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  • I think where you see a person can give you some hint about who they are, which can certainly affect how attracted you'd be based on assumptions about mutual interests, values, etx. Like, if I see a guy at a sporting event or concert, I might find him more attractive than I would have if I saw him at a bar or even just on the street. A guy playing with his dog at the park will again probably be more attractive to me than a guy at the mall.


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  • The location I meet men can only ADD to my initial-physical attraction
    especially when it is on mountain summits, swim centres, steam rooms,
    surf coasts or snow fields, as I am a die hard fitness freak, beach and nature lover who admires same.


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