If you were my sister....

If you where my younger sister, would you mind if I dated one of your friends?

please explain your reasoning


1. you don't consider your friend that close of one.

2. that friend likes me

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  • i don't know if guys can answer this if not then sorry if yes then I would say I wouldn't mind because it wouldn't be up to me what happens in your love life would it.


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  • well, I think it depends on the type of relationship you and your sister have. if I was your sister and you were a good brother to me, I wouldn't mind. also, if she's not really good friends with her, I'm sure she won't mind. try talking to your sister and tell her about how you feel about her friend. :)

    • I would do almost anything for my sister and she knows it... and she saw how I was with my last GF. so I just don't get why she'd be against me and her friend saying "it's weird"

      and she donsnt want to lose her friend that she not that close to

      cause something more could come out of it for her and her friend

      that made me say "what... are you trying to tell me?"

  • Why not? As long as I don't like the friend (due to your 1st condition), I should be fine with it.

    • My sis said "i don't want something to happen between you two and it runis my relationship that could have been with her"

      iwas like "what are you trying to tell me"

      my sister is just selfish...

  • No, I would not mind because it's up to both of you to date each other. However, if I know this friend of mine is a biatch then I will let you know about it and warn you about it but if you decide to still give it a try then I won't forbid it also but as a note if in the end it doesn't work out, I've warned you!

    • Yeah I would love for someone to tell me straight up that a person is bad for me or what ever else

      that happen with my last girl friend no one liked her... but none of my friends told me....

      but this my sister's friend is the sweetest girl everyone likes her even my mom and dad lol

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