So I meet this new girl who is new to town , how should I go about things with her?

i saw her at the gym last week and talked to her today , though she might of been related to this other girl i knew from town but it turns out she's new to town and from another city north of here and in town for work . i don't know much else about her , she's pretty good looking and has really nice gym body . i'm definity attracted to her and like to get to know her better . maybe date her if that becomes an option ?

anyways i'm not sure what to try and talk to her about now ? as first conversation a bit off and i don't really know her , but we seem to work out around same time so likely get another chance to see her there ?
i'm not sure where to try and take things ? should i show her around town if we get closer ? i'm pretty sure she's single if she moved 2 hours away from home for work


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  • yes if you like her then do it
    You both like working out.. that could be a conversation starter
    maybe you could run in the morning together?
    show her around your town and ask her for dinner when you feel she's ready

    • I guess she seems to like the treadmill , seen her there a few times , however listens to music so have to get to her before she puts it on or get her to take it off

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    • yeah that was how I talked to her the other day when she was at front of gym getting ready , then she sort of heads to treadmill

    • Good luck :)

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