Should I keep pursuing, or give up?

I was talking to this guy for a month (okcupid and then texting). I decided to go meet up with him randomly and we ate at a diner and talked. It went well. After the date, I had texted him here and there until my phone started to delay texts I would send him. He seemed interested still, but I gave up after a while because once I tried to resend my text (obviously hours later), he would not respond.

The other day, I was on okcupid and was swiping left and right and his photo popped up. I tried avoiding his photo, but after trying all day, I swiped right (liking his photo). He then visited my page but didn't respond or anything, so I kind of felt like I blew it with him in general.

Should I keep pursuing him, or cut my losses?

To add, he is bipolar, he told me this when we hung out. If anyone has any input on dating/being bipolar and dating, that would be great


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  • it's too early to make a conclusion basicall. y... jus wait!


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