help me achieve my true gym love?

All right people, so for about a month now I've been seeing this girl at my universitys gym.... i know its like a taboo to ask a girl out or even try to talk to her friendly because they will instantly think you are creeping or something but anyways let me finish! So i think she's really cute she's probably the perfect girl for me because she lifts and just my type! my problem is that i haven't talked to her at all but i would really like too. she seems really chill and really talkative to others at the gym. i dont oggle her at the gym because i really do like her and dont want to ruin any thing there. We sometimes catch eyes and i sometimes catch her looking but that could just be me over thinking it i dont actually know if she does like me! She defintly knows that i exists though becasue I've been seeing her ever day Monday to Saturday at the same time for about a month, just haven't developed the balls to talk to her.. please help me in how i should approach her!! thanks everybody :)


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  • You could just go up and say hi after you finish your workout one day.

    Or get a friend to be in the gym, and when he sees her finishing her workout, text you to go upstairs and walk by her as she's leaving and casually be like "Oh, hey, I see you here all the time. I'm your-name ( oh hi!! Ya my name is her-name! I love working out blah blah blah staying in shape) that's so cool you're dedicated to your fitness (oh tee-hee thank you! You seem to workout a lot too!) Ya maybe we should workout some time together (oh yay! I would love that! I hate working out by myself!)!!! Bam then you fall in love and get married!! Happily ever after the end!!

    or if she says no, she doesn't work out with people, you could ask her to go out for protein smoothies or something.

    • You don't think that's to forward? To just go into her and say hi? I can't imagine that lol🙈

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    • Yes you can say hi to her!! Keep up the conversations and eventually try what's mentioned above!!! Good luck!!!

    • Dammit! Yesterday was the most easiest time I could have talked to her, she came over to my rack to put the bar back and was struggling to lift it up and I could have done it for her but as soon as I was about to get it up she eventually did it, would have been the perfect opportunity to talk to her 😭😭😭 I screwed up noooooooo

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  • Ask her if she could spot you :)

    • Haha I don't think that would be valid since there's way many other people I can ask a spot from

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