Cougar Cancellation?

I had a cougar cancel on me last week....
I never get cancelled on!!!!!! hmmmmm I don't know i am pissed
We have gone out together as friends, but when i ask her out on a date she cancels!
maybe she was nervous or didn't want to be more than friends, even though she is always flirty, plays with her hair, holds on to my arm.........I don't know what to think
her reason was she had a teachers meeting at 5pm and couldnt make it to our reservation at 7pm........
i kind of dont believe she would forget about something like that she is super organized, stuff like that doesn't pop up you know!

Any ideas why she might do this? I don't know i was 100% sure about this... and its the first time i have been cancelled on


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  • probably something came up, why not be straightforward and ask her? instead of wondering here why she cancel lol you are only going to get a headache.

    • i did and i think she lied =(

    • mmhm well she was probably nervous, from the way you describe, it looks like she is interested in you. You can ask her out again, and if she gives you some kind of excuse not to meet, then it's most likely that she doesn't want to be with you alone.

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  • She is maybe concerned about a scandalous rumor? You were one if her students just a few years ago, right?

    • yeah...
      I don't know i am not a student now, and no one else knows we talk!
      i understand why she would be nervous though

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    • Yeah I understand now it almost has to be like a stranger lol!!!

      Thanks for the advice 😄😊

    • It DOES have to be a stranger for it to really work, at least for me.

  • Maybe she thinks you're way too young for her. Give it time; and find a girl closer to you in age.

    • Yeah, the age difference was too big
      Dust workout but thanks 😄

    • Moreover, you refer to her as a cougar, which shows you have very little, if any, respect for her - something she may have easily sensed earlier in your overtures for a sexual experience.

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  • Wait a min... have you ever met her before?

    • yeah we have known each other for like 3+ years now!
      she was my HS teacher...

      Haha, we have gone out before and met up as "friends" but last time we were very touchy feely so i figured i would ask her on a real date you know...

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