Guys, why did he suddenly break up with me?

We met online 3 months ago. After a week of talking we met up and it was great. We had fun and he was really nice. He then had to leave for California for college (freshman) and I stayed in high school (junior). We stayed in touch and things werr great until we became so busy that we didn't have time for each other so I broke up woth him. Then I realized that I can't be without him and went back to him. He took me back but it didn't last long since my parents didn't want me to be with a college guy and made me break up with him. I broke up with him again and he begged me to stay but I couldn't. After a few days he messaged me and was really depressed but I couldn't talk to him because I was busy and I wish I was. I went back to him after a couple of days because I love him and I honestky don't care what my parents say or think anymore. He took me back again and we spent the entire day talking. I felt so bad for breaking his heart that I sent him a picture if me in a bra and he sent me one of his thing. He then told me that he loves me and I mean a lot to him but then the next day, he broke up with me. He said that our values are far apart and when he dates someone he wants a future with that person and he doesn't think we would be happy together. It just seems so weird. First he was telling me that he loves me and wants me to his wife one day and then the next day he says he doesn't want to be with me. He said that he "doesn't want to bend his values" and I said "I never asked you to" and he replied "but I want someone who shares same as mine". It's so fishy and weird and I love him but he won't stay with me.


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  • You are spending too much time breaking up and getting back together which is childish. That is the problem.

  • he's probably fedup of being messed around by you, and just playing your games back.


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