How do I keep her attention?

My girlfriend dosnt seem interested in me anymore. she lives a decent distance away and i olny get to see her on Saturdays. we have fun too. but whenever i text her she doesn't reply the same, she used to be more.involved with it, and more.flirty. but now she literally olny replys ok, to everthing. I don't know how, or what to do to have her talk to me. i do have a problem interacting with people but i try as hard as i can to keep her happy.


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  • So if you like tell her i miss you... she doesn't say it back?

    • i tell her i miss her and she olny replys mk, or ok. she used to reply, that she misses me too.

    • You need to understand where it went wrong first then try to fix it , let her know you're still interested by all means possible and still don't make her feel u can't live without her and impress her from distance to try to get that spark back
      Good luck

  • If you feel as though you have kept maintaining your efforts for this girl but she has dwindled, talk with her About those feelings. She may not have realized that it matters to you. My boyfriend used to text me a lot during the beginning of our relationship and then it would slow die off and he wouldn't reply for days. I thought maybe he wasn't interested in me. I spoke with him about it and he agreed that he didn't text as much as before but it did not mean he wasn't interested in me. Ever since I talked to him about it he seems to be quite aware of his phone and texts me more often.

    • when i brought it up, she got upset at me and said "i didn't know that saying ok was illegal" and i apologized to her for bringing it up.

    • You need to tell her that it bothers you because she used to not be like that. First tell her to try to be calm and hear you out. If she is not willing to listen to you then it may be time to move on because she clearly doesn't want to make the effort to maintain the relationship

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