Guys - your take on the situation now? Second "date" - friends or more?

he's a co-worker, definitely single. There was some chemistry between us and we went out on a date 2 weeks ago (at least I think it was a date) which both of us initiated. It was a great afternoon and I think we had fun together. Since then we have been friendlier than for normal co-workers at work. But there was no input from his part as to further dates.

We spent the past weekend together for a work function, during which there was some accidental physical contact - hand brushing, bumping against me as we stand side by side and some flirting. I texted him afterwards to say we didn't get to chat and suggested we hang out. He promptly replied quite enthusiastically and we will be grabbing dinner together after work this week.

The question - is it a date? Or does he think we are doing this as friends?


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  • Hard to say. Going out as friends and on a date really depends on the intentions of the people who are going out. You'll just know if you ask him.

  • definitely a date, he's probably trying to work you out still


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