How do I break up with my boyfriend?

So me and my bf have been together for 9 months and it went long distance 2 months into our relationship since he goes to school 5 hours away. I see him on short breaks when he comes to see me and his family. The longest we haven't seen each other is for 2 months straight which is really long. At first i didn't mind since we'd text and call but now he hardly texts or calls. He said last month he'd come down for Valentine's day but then said he couldn't last minute. I care for him but its time for me to move on. Problem is I don't know how to say it. He came down this week and i want to do it in person but im scared ima chicken out, but know i need to. But question is how do you break up with someone you care about so much? have any of you guys gone through this.??


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  • I had a complicated relationship with someone before. And i was in that situation where I didn't want to let go of him but I knew deep down that it was the right thing. Its scary to break up with someone but just know that there really isn't a "perfect" time for it. That's what I waited for but that time never came. So I just did it. I wasn't able to say exactly what I wanted to but that's normal. It wasn't the easiest or smoothest thing but after that you feel free and relieved. Just don't be afraid. If you care a lot about him and think that it's whats best for you both, then just hang on to that thought so that you don't chicken out last minute

    • It was extremely difficult to do but you were right there is no perfect time and its better sooner than later. And there's so many other things i wanted to say but for the most part i was able to express how i felt. Thank you so much for the advice it was really helpful!

    • You're welcome! I'm glad I was able to help :)

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  • You have to say the truth. So I suggest you to nicely say the truth, all your reasons for breaking up. There's no easy way to break up, so I think that telling the truth is the best thing to do in this kind of situation.


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  • I just broke up with my bf two weeks ago, we were togther two years, there was a lot of crying and even hurtful words, but if you think you need to move on that ur just going to have to stop dwelling on it and do it cause it's only going to hurt more the longer you wait, even a day can make it so much worse, cause when u talk to him and viste with him it leads him to beleive everything is ok between you two, which can upset him so much more cause then he might feel that he did something wrong

  • Since our relationship has become long distance, I don't feel that my needs or wants are being met and I know that sounds selfish but that's how I feel and I don't want to resent you for circumstances outside of your control, but I want more from this relationship that you are unable to give right now and I feel that I want to move on. I have thought about this and this is what I want, I hope you understand.
    You may get a bad response, but it's rare that someone takes breaking-up well, but just explain the best you can and then know that you did the right thing for yourself and ultimately him in the long run.