Met a girl online who I may never get to meet but she's absolutely perfect for me. What the hell am I to do?

Okay, so I met a girl online who is amazingly beautiful, we have SO much in common, she has the sweetest, most caring personality I've ever seen in a girl. Best of all, she actually really likes me back! She calls me 'perfect' and that she cares very deeply for me and that I'm very precious to her and she's never made me feel like I need to impress her, she likes me for me and she overlooks my flaws. I am however a little intimidated because I've only had sex twice and she's had it "countless times" with guys she was dating but that is besides the point. She even thinks I'm physically attractive! I mean, nobody's ever thought I was physically attractive before! Sounds great right? So what's the problem? This girl, who could quite possibly be my soulmate, lives in the USA. I live in the UK and I am still in university so it'd be years before I could afford to go to america (I'm 19 and she is 20). I am not actually very attractive at all and I have crazy social anxiety and I've NEVER had a girlfriend so I'd say I'm VERY lucky to meet her. And even if I was successful with girls here, I could live to be 150 and I'd never find a girl better than her. She is very beautiful and she could have any guy she wants and she could get tired of waiting (even though she said that she's "in it for the long run". My fear is that I'm going to have to settle for a girl I feel ZERO attraction for and with whom I'd have NOTHING in common with, whilst constantly thinking of her. I just don't know what to do! I really REALLY like her and care for her and I know she feels the same but the atlantic ocean is seperating us and the distance is too much!


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  • Calm yourself! I know it is tough to like someone in another country and the possibility of actually meeting is close to nill but if you two really feel for each other then it is certainly possible to do the almost impossible. You are still young and you said it will be a while before you can afford to take a trip to America to meet her in person. While you wait for that time, focus on your studies, save money, and keep focusing on her. If it's meant to be then you two will surely be together.


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  • If you really think she's the one, save up the money, make the trip and meet her. Make sure you have some options for sight-seeing if it doesn't work out or you guys want to do something together. I did that recently and it was the best decision of my life! I had to take money out of my savings account which I NEVER do, but it was a trip of a lifetime and I'd do it again if I could.

    Thing is, I waited until i was out of college. OH! Study abroad?

  • I'm glad you've found a great girl, but first thing first. HAVE YOU TWO VIDEO CHATTED YET? Because I would hate if you were being cat-fished.


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