Why would a guy correspond/still want to talk after I ignored him?

We have a long on and off history. Most of the times I was the one to ignore him first, except for one time. This has gone on and off for ....over two years. We've had relationships in between with other people.

Now we recently started talking again. We messed around but never had sex at this point.

Anyhow now he is the one who started talking to me again. He told me I ignored him before. So why would he still be interested in me?


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  • he probably values your company a lot, and perhaps want to try to date you. If you don't like him, let him know point blank that he should stay away from you. Ignoring sometimes doesn't send the message across.

    • I like him. Ah I missed him so much. I just hope he sticks around.

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    • Then at least now, stop ignoring him and reciprocate his feelings a bit. Hope that works out!

    • I am definitely not ignoring him.

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