For all the Asian female/white male relationships out there, who made the first move?

I was just curious as to who made the initial contact/ first move into establishing relations- was it the Asian female or white male? Please indicate who you are (white male or Asian female) and if you want to include stories of how you did it, that would be an extra juice-feed. Thanks


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  • <-- green dinosaur (also, a white guy)

    I dated an Indian American girl in high school and college who happened to be a good friend for over a year before we started dating. I was the one who first brought up getting more serious, but she shrugged it off until she finally called me while away at college and said she wanted to start dating. I have a suspicion that it was related to her hearing that I had started dating other girls, but we never really talked about why *then* and not before.

    After her, I hooked up with an Asian American girl at college and wound up dating her for almost three years. She lived on my hall, but we had never talked before then. She threw herself at me out of the blue. There's really no better way to put it.

    • Ahhh okay. Thankyou for giving me insight and sufficient details about this and also the specific types of Asians you're involved with; your responses, along with other people's responses here allows me to extrapolate the bigger picture of a social context for all parties involved in this pairing. To keep it simple I want to see who's the aggressor /more desperate one. LOL just kidding

    • LOL I see. Good luck with your study. ;) Hopefully some day you will get enough responses to break things down by other factors as well, such as age and level of education. Then perhaps you can address the allegations that these type or interracial relationships are solely the result of the white male's innate desire to subjugate and exploit supposedly submissive women.

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  • Asian female (that's me) My partner is a white male lol he initiated first contact. I was the one who let him know how I felt first.


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  • Yes Asian male have to move always first because of female domination but still they ask for equality.
    Asian girls don't pay for dates for asks for equal salaries.
    This happens 90%


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