She's hiding her bf from me?

Recently she messaged me asking for advice because of her ongoing breakup, I've talked to her before and that was when I revealed my feelings towards her.anyways we hung out twice in the same week and shit went fast I entered her home she entered mine. Turns out her grandma likes me a lot, while she was out her grandma secretly told me that she got back with her ex. I asked her how things were with the breakup and she said she couldn't remember. What do I do, is she leading me on or?

What do you guys suggest I do? I don't plan on getting in the way of her relationship, but she is flirty towards me. This sucks lol


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  • She's not over her ex yet.

    Yes, she is leading you on and only sees you as a friend to entertain her and give her attention when she's not getting it from her boyfriend.


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  • Damn id suggest not being with her anymore or else she will see you as just some guy that will give her attention when she wants


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  • Ouch man. You are in a HELLA of a situation. She's still dwelling around her ex.
    Just ask her straight up. If something bothers you just ask her straight up.

  • I would ask her "How's your ex?" and see how she replies. She could be leading you on, but you didn't reveal how she reacted towards your declaration.


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