How to convince my parents to pay for a nose job?

I seriously want the surgery...can't stand how I look anymore can't even look at myself I the mirror...

I earn money but its not enough...i know my parents can help me out but ofcourse they refuse too...

my depression got even worse after I left my last partner cause he said he liked blondes andd that 'some are prettier" when I asked...i even dropped out of therapy for it too...

but now I just want the damn surgery, I'm tired of smearing makeup on my face no matter how....

how can I convince my parents to leand me money for surgery??


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think you should get it if you truly want it not because of what you think other people may think, explain to your parents about how you feel and that it's affecting your life and maybe they'll help. But In my opinon your nose is the way it is for a reason, that's why some people look abnormal after surgery. it fits your face and I don't need to see a picture to confirm that, It is your desicion I wish you the best of luck.


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  • Tell them that if they pay for your nose job, they'll get the grandchildren they're always nagging you about.

  • Your front profile is absolutely gorgeous.

    The money would be better spent slapping the crap out of your former partner. You don't need to change. He does. Don't let this jerk make you feel wrong when he's clearly the one in the wrong.


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  • Tell them how you feel and how you would be happier self image is very personal just Be honest. If they say no then you better hustle to get what you want in this world, nothing is just handed to you.


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