Is he into me? Or just being a good friend?

Been friends with this guy for awhile. Lately our hugs are becoming cuddles (as he calls them) and we hug everytime we say goodbye and he kisses my forehead too. He's been affectionate lately and this morning out of the blue he sends me a hug message, telling me he wanted to brighten up my day with a cuddle.

We are just good friends, we are not dating. He doesn't do this to our mutal female friend either.

He gets playful at times and he likes to make me laugh. And he gets quiet when I'm in a bad mood but is happy again when I'm happy.


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  • Women are confusing creatures.

    Do you picture him doing this to a guy friend? Ask yourself that.


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  • stating the obvious here: He is into you, woman!

    If you like him back make a move. He is not doing it himself because he doesn't want to ruin the friendship.


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  • That is something that you really need to ask him.
    in my opinion he's interested in you and he probably likes you. Go for it.


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