Im a teenager without too much experience but I think I might be solo polyamorous?

Please look up solo poly before answering.
Ok Im only 15 without much relationship experience (ive lost my v card tho) but I think I might be solo polyamorous. I dont want to be like an item with somebody, I dont want people to think of them when they think of me or vice versa. And I can love more than one person at a time in a relationship type way. I kinda just want to have like just best friends and we love eachother but we dont need to put a title on it and it could happen with someone else at the same time too. Im not exactly sure if I am or not, i do know for sure I dont want to get married or have kids even if my partner really wanted me too, i just dont like that lifestyle and it wouldn't be good for me. But do you think I should try to date for a few years before I make up my mind about being solo polyamorous??? (Also the age it says I lied about when i made didn't know it posted it everytime)


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  • You don't have to label yourself as polyamorous. It doesn't have to be a part of you, though some people, such as myself, accept it as one. I'm sort of conflicted right now. I want you to join the club, but I don't want you to make rash decisions about yourself. I have no way of knowing how much you've experienced. How much of the literature have you read?

    Don't rush into it, but if you really decide to accept solo polyamory as part of you, then good for you. Just in case you didn't know, there are a few polyamory related subreddits, and I know of a couple of good solo polyamory blogs.

    Also, it's kind of hard being polyamorous and young, and even worse if you live in a rural, conservative area.

    • Also, this site is, at least for the most part, very mononormative. If you're seriously considering identifying as polyamorous, this might not be the best place to be until you're comfortable with that identity because pretty much every other post will inadvertently or directly be promoting monogamy over non-monogamy. You will see a lot of the scarcity model of love for example.

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    • Two books I also recommend are "the ethical slut" and "more than two."

    • @Metalhead Yeah, I probably should have actually said what the literature I mentioned was. Thanks for filling in that huge gap.

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  • You're 15. You're not supposed to want to settle down yet and I seriously doubt you have enough experience to be deciding on something like solo polyamory. Date around. Focus on friendships (sexual or otherwise). And stop worrying about labels. Just be you, whatever that may be.


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  • If your 15 why is your profile set to 30-35?


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