Should we just stay friends or is there relationship-potential?

Hi, There's a guy who I really like. I have known him now for a half year and my feelings are getting stronger and stronger. So I decided to do something with it. I make more eyecontact, try to talk more to him and show him how great I am :p.
Now is he also looking most of the time back at me and I'm in the end one who breaks the eyecontact, he shows special interest in me and the times when I'm with him lately (always also with other friends) he invites us/me over to stay for dinner. Only thing is: it could be he sees me as a friend and not as a potential girlfriend. (This idea I mostly got because although he comes in my 'personal space' he never really touches me)
So any ideas?
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  • Wow where you blind, go for it!
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  • He still needs some encouragement
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  • Why not inviting him to go to the cinema or just go out for some drinks? If he accepts it, then you know he is interested. ;-)

    • Because if he says no it could become awkward in our friendsgroup. I don't wanna risk that. Plus I'm a bit old-fashioned and think he should take the first step ;)

    • Make him invite you. :-P
      When you two are together again mention a movie you really would like to watch. Maybe he will propose something.

    • That's a really good one. Gonna try that one!

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