Does he genuine like me?

I thought he was a player as he asked me out before but canceled. He seems flirty and I kind of cross him off my list. I'm not looking for trouble. He never reschedule our date from 5weeks ago, though in between that period we sometimes talk and he is always looking at me. I have a strong vibes that he likes me but I don't know how much. We ended up talking for an hour today and I found out that he just got over an ex 6 months ago. He said it was great that he's over her and we talk a lot about life in general, his family, culture....we are from different ethnic and he mention how he get to choose who he wants to date regardless what he family says. His culture normally only dates/marries people of their own kind. But he said he doesn't care about that. I'm not sure if he is referring to going out with me in future. Before I left,he ask me to have coffee on Friday night but I hesistate because I told him I won't finish work til late on Friday . Then he said weekend then and that he will text me. I hesistate because he canceled our first date which is on Valentine's. I don't know if I should give him another chance because I'm not sure if he is really into me. What do you think?


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  • What do you have to loose? Just go out with him and see how it goes. Sometimes we think they are players and they aren't. ;-)


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