Why am I so afraid?

Could anyone come with some good advice and reality check for me? I am 22 soon 23 and never had a boyfriend. I went on a tinder date last Thursday and it went great we had a fun time and he even troughout the date mentioned wanting to meet me again and also after the date. He held around me as we walked and it was nice. The problem is only that on Sunday i went on vacation and will be going home tomorrow. I sent him a text on Saturday before I left and asked how his dads birthday went and at the end he called me a pretty lady. My dilemma now is that I checked tinder and he has been logged on and than I am like OK we havnt talked since Saturday so is he over me already ? I was thinking of contacting him when I was back. "Hey sugar what's shaking "? Want to meet ? We decided to watch American sniper together..I'm just afraid of him not wanting to meet .


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  • why not suggest it to him and she how it goes?


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  • why not, just initiate a conversation with him if you've seen he's loged on.
    let's see what's happen, coz maybe he's waiting for you to asked him first, I don't know

    • I thought I'd wait until I was home

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  • You're over thinking


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