Girls, would you rather sleep with or date a black guy?

I know what your thinking, this isn't racist or anything just give me a chance to explain. I remrmber I was always the type of guy to attract different races when it come to females but now that I think about it, a lot of them only seemed like they wanted to sleep with me only not date me. I don't know but I've often felt in the pit of my stomach that some of them were ashamed of whst others would think. I'm a really clean guy, well mannered, I speak proper whrn I'm around respectable people such as bossss and family members and I'most definitely a gentlemen but I never understood it. I figured it was because of my body and my looks but that's always been a problem because I refuse to sleep with you or any other women if we won't be a dating couple, fuck that 1 night stand shit!😀 I need to have a partner not a fuck buddy. I mean what is it to some of you other ladies? are you really afraid and ashamed that your friends and family and even strangers will look at you weird like "oh wow she's dating a Black guy", is that it? I'm a pretty strong dude but it often hurts my feelings. I would never change my skin color for anyone in this world or the next but I just need someone to explain it to me in your own words or vote, either way.
  • i would sleep with but not date a black guy cuz people judge
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  • I would sleep with and date a black who cares what others say or think
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  • I wouldn't do either
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  • I would date a guy based on our physical/mental/emotional/intellctual/spiritual connection though irrespective of his race/colour/culture.

    I am white, blonde with green eyes but I have friends from all different backgrounds, races and cultures.

    I have a strong character though and if anyone disapproved of me dating a black guy, then they can go and kiss my hairy hide. (It's not really hairy by the way !).

    So are you saying that there is still some sort of stigma attached to interracial dating or this is just what you've noticed with you? Any of your friends dating outside their race/culture?

    • Just what I've noticed with me, maybe I don't have much of a personality or somethin but I've been told by other women that they could sit and listen to me talk all day... And when I take a women to dinner she just stares at me and ask me questions with
      That look of amazement so I highly doubt it's my personality... I think I put off this strong intimidating vibe a lot. A vibe like "wow I'd sure hate to piss that guy off" because if I raise my voice just a very tiny bit or get excited, people's pupils dilate and they look like their focusing hard as if a be is going to go off... Like πŸ‘‰πŸ˜³

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    • Aww shucks, thanks. I'm blushing ;)

    • I'm glad I put a smile on your face :) and I'm sorry for my atrocious typing lol I don't know what's going on with this iPhone but it definitely sucks at word predictions. I type really fast and I type a lot so I'm kind of lazy when It comes to proof reading my comments lol. Hope you didn't have too much trouble understanding me. I'm just looked over it and looks like a second grader wrote some of my comments lol

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  • I had a crush on this Somalian guy once. He was black.

    But I don't want to sleep with or date anyone at the moment so neither.

    • I'm sure you have guys falling all over you so what's your reason for not dating again?

    • I don't really want a guy. Cause I have to study and stuff and I'm really busy and stuff

    • Ah I see

  • Yeah I would date a black guy, regardless of what others think and I doubt anyone would think negatively about that.

  • I dated and slept with one in college.

  • I would date and sleep with a black guy.


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