How I can I met guys at the gym?

how i can i met guys at the gym? as a person that goes a lot ot the gym i know that i go to work out and not to met people or whatever. Im not good at starting convos... like i can ask them for help or if i can work out between their sets or something, but thats pretty much it.

by the way the reason i want ot met guys at the gym is because im for the most part a lot more confident when im working out then i am in a "normal" setting, in addition then i know we have training in common.


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  • Smile and say hello!
    or if you are working in, ask what their name is and introduce yourself
    after they know your name they will always say hello
    then you can have small talk everytime you see them =)

    If you like them, mention their gains!
    Like "you look biiger"
    or "Wow the pump!"

    • i could try i guess

    • Don't you mean " I like that bulge in your pants"

    • haha dont say those things as soon as you meet them though !
      develop a little relationship with them
      hopefully they will ask you out eventually

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  • Aghhh please don't! Most women hate being hit on at the gym, and you're just gonna make more men think it's ok! :S

    BUT if you really do wanna meet guys there, I'd suggest you try timing your exit so you can catch one of the guys you're eying as you're both leaving.. or at the juice bar if there is one. Or you could play dumb and pretend you need help with a piece of equipment.


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  • No, no, no. All this advice is wrong. All you need to do is ask a guy "can you help me with this?" or "I don't know if I'm doing this right..." Guys will get comfortable because they're the teacher and won't feel as weird starting up a convo with you.

    Don't ask them to like spot for you though... that may make them feel like you're trying to be another dude. Just ask them if you're squatting right or doing leg lifts right etc.

  • Wear tights that show camel toe. Get them right in and up there. The bigger the better. That will definatly reel one or two options in for your choice.
    If it get a little damp / wet , let them notice.

  • You're a smart girl, you can tell a lot about by watching their work out routing. Are they lazy or hard working people? Is he hot? etc...
    As you can tell from my pic, I work out a lot. So don't be shy, just approach the one you like. Tell him that his working out is really paying off and wink!
    Then start convo about his routine, how often he comes here, for how long has he been working out etc...
    And somewhere in the conversation, ask him what else he enjoys doing? (It's like you're on a date already). If you get a good vibe, then ask him out for dinner/lunch/movie etc... I wish you the best!

  • I guess talk to the guy you like, because it's great when a girl approaches. A guy would feel nervous approaching in case he is disturbing you or because some girls don't like guys to say hi, but want him to perform a random feat before they can be granted an audience with them.

    Seriously a guy would love a girl to approach him. Maybe compliment him in general or on his gym technique or progress. Or literally just say hi and make casual conversation. Get comfortable and ask when he comes here, etc.

    There's erm.. always the saying he looks so strong or something like that. Or I know a girl at my gym who wears these tight fitting outfits, including lycra pants. She's pretty hot and does squats and erm... moans leaving little to the imagination. Although I think that's maybe too far. Strangely she doesn't talk to anyone though? It's difficult to stand up and approach her though, because erm.. it's difficult to stand up lol.

    Could you help me on my question pls?

  • You could probably just say anything to guys, because guys are just happy to be approached by a girl. They're not like women were women are like "Nooooo, he can't just talk to me! He's got to do a song and dance first to prove himself"

    • lol!! "Nooooo, he can't just talk to me! He's got to do a song and dance first to prove himself"

    • Mostly we just want to be approached respectfully and left alone if we're not interested... no song and dance required. But whatever.

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  • Uh, I wish I were a gym person like you.


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