I neeeed opinions?

I have been seeing a guy for two months. Things were REALLy great hang out at least 3 - 4 times a week. We got into an argument and I went absolutely physco kept calling him and texting him. He finally is answering me and the last part of our convo was
Me: I will take a step back and when your ready to talk you can let me know but if your just done I don't want to continue to bother you so just tell me this
Him: yeah I will but don't keep asking if I've made up my mind

Is he really thinking or should I accept its done with? And how long should it take?


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  • Oh giiiirl why... why for god sake... you should've sent him ONE message and that's it... you ruined everything... leave him and DON'T call him or text him anymore... he played his game and he smashed your whole team lol... now it's your time... so until now don't even call him or text for st least 2-3 weeks.. okay?

    • I know I really messed up hopefully he likes me enough to get over it

    • And what's the problem... there are millions of guys out there...

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  • It sounds like he is done for now. I wouldn't hope on him coming back. Give him space (and lots of it!) and see what the future holds girl! No need to let one guy bring you down and also, sure you've made mistakes but everyone does and what is important is what you learn from it and how you use this knowledge in the future. Show him you can survive without him and do not go crawling back. Let him come back to you.


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  • Probably just give him more space and time.

    • I just feel like the more time we don't see eachother he's just going to move on

    • You've sent him too many messages based on how you described it, the only way now is to back off and let him make up his mind... if it's too long for you to wait, then move on.

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