How do I respond to text? Any advice?

Ok, so I was talking to this one guy for a week or two then he had to move out of city. We were texting one day and he never responded back to my statement. So instead of texting him again I just let it go thinking he had moved on (since he already moved). But I woke up to a text last night from him saying "hey what's up!" ...I don't know how to respond to that message without seemingly over eager. I do like him so kinda skeptical responding. Should I wait a little before responding to him? Like this evening? But wouldn't that be games?


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  • He may have been moving. I had the same thing with a girl. Maybe they didn't see it, or feel bad for having been absent. I'd say text him, especially if you like him.

    Seriously, a girl initiating with a guy is for one hot, and secondly makes it easier for the guy to know you like him. Otherwise guys are nervously trying to think of what to say.

    I wouldn't play games if you like someone. Go for it, and be yourself. Don't worry about these so called rules or mind games that peers say to play or do.

    Could you help me with mine pls?


What Girls Said 1

  • Best not to play games. If you want to text him, text him! Only thing that freaks people out is the 5 texts to his one text with nonsense info over and over again. So just keep an eye on that to make sure you don't over share, but feel free to text him. He may be lonely in his new town and you're a good friend to him.


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