A question for the type of girls who might date a shy and nerdy type of guy. Mandatory "?" --> ?

I'm a bit of a nerd (studying pure mathematics...), I'm socialy awkward (but I have friends and enjoy socialising, I'm just not overly gregarious). I've never had a girlfriend and have only been on a few dates so far.

Anyway, my question: How far into a relationship (or after dating for how ever long) would you expect things to get intimate/sexual? (Bear in mind I'm talking about the type of girls that might conceivably date me, girls that only date jocks might have a different timescale for such things.)
Any girls have an opinion?
Any girl's have an opinion on this?
Any other opinions on this?


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  • How far? there's really no timeline to that bec it will totally be based on your relationship to each other (how you guys love/like each other, how deep are your feelings etc)

    Most of the time, it just happens.

    • Well I meant for kissing, hugging, staying over, sleeping together etc. which would probably happen at different times.

    • Kissing and hugging - guess 2 -3 wks

      Staying over and sleeping together - 1 year onwards.

      It will really vary

    • That's how long you'd want it to be though?

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  • It's the same. I am also a nerd but I carry myself like a regular person and I have been with very nerdy girls and I have been with stuck up bitches and even a model. Both put out around 2-3 months. I would say that's standerd for dating some girls are faster some longer.

    • What about kissing?

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    • Yeah just let your feelings and guts take over don't over think stuff. Try to read the vibes from the girl. Look up nick sparks on YouTube he has really solid stuff on dating. Like really strong. I watched his vids and now I'm dating that model I mentioned earlier. Good luck bud.

    • Okay, thanks. I'll take a look.

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  • Well, I would say about 3 months.
    Though for me and my nerd, 5 months. Long distance was a bitch lol.

    • What about things other than sex? I guess if you were long distance it might have been a while before you kissed as well.

    • Not really. We went on a date while I was on vacation in his state (first date). Before he left I went to give him kiss on his cheek but he turned his head and I got him on the lips lol.

  • there is no certain tome for anything to start. when we're ready, it'll happen.


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