This really hurt my feelings?

My fiance was asked by someone if he was on a plane and he knew it was about to crash who would he call first and he said his sibliglngs (2 brothers and his parents) I was awkwardly waiting for him to include me in there since you know I'm only about to marry the guy and spend the rest of my life with him but no big deal right? It really stung me that he doesn't think of me as that important when we are about to start our lives together. I have been very short with him since he gave this answer. by the way it wasn't me who asked him this it was a friend of his. I just feel really hurt. My mom said I should have a talk with him about how it hurt my feelings since he is my fiancé we should be able to be open with each other when the other does or says something to hurt us. Thoughts?


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  • I agree with other man post.
    If you are husband and wife you would of been on the plane with him at the time.
    You would of been calling your family and he would of been calling his...

    And to be frank with you, if you were not on the plane with me, i would of called my mother first. Then you.. Assume I am 25 years old. That is 25 years my mother has been there for me. And you are there for just 1 year?
    As a girl you need to understand something very important about Men..
    When a boy is a child, when he is hurt. It is his mother who gives him support.
    When we are sad, it is our mother who gives us support. When we are scared of the night, again it is our mother who gives us support!!! When i come home with skined up knees, it is Mom who cleans me and kisses the wounds.
    A boys Father is teaching him how to become a Man. Stand on your own feet. Make the world your own. Never allow a person to question your Integrity.
    Many of you girls will say this is bad. However you all want a real man!!!
    As a wife, I want to shair some of my stress with you, but i am no longer a child..
    I have good news and bad news for you girls out there.
    It is simply this. ( A man will Never love a woman as much as he loves his Mother!) Get over it.. Your son is yours for life!!! I am 55 now and supporting my mother..
    Becouse of the new world Womans Lib, you might be just one of three wifes.
    My Mother will allways be number one!!!
    Enjoy your Sons girls, for they will love you for all there life..

    • in my opinion a real man is a guy who is willing to put the women he is going to spend the rest of his life first. Sure she may have not wiped up his tears growing up but she can carry his child for 9 months.

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    • You are right.
      The best part about love is, we do not take away love from a person so we can give it others.
      We just make more love.
      My question then, we are married and will spend 50 years together in happyness.. However we are in a plane crash. You, my mother, and our 3 year old child. I can only save one of you!!
      Sorry Mom your out. So do i save my wife i will live with for 40 more years? Or our child who will make there own life in 18 years? You can beleave i will save our child. And I hope this is what you would of wanted..
      That does not support your first argument.

    • Ok,
      Did you talk to him about this?
      Lets look at you and not philosophical questions.
      If i was in the same situation, the first person i would call is my wife!!!
      Tell her i love her, and how to contact all my insurance for her. Have her call my mother and sisters.
      Have her call the smart sister to take care of my estate..
      But yes, the first person i would call would of been my wife..
      I am not sure what this says about your BF.
      If me, we are not married yet, so you are not part of my estate..
      I am not sure who i would call first then, gess my smart sister. Then you..

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  • Not to be rude. But I am married I love my husband very much but if something like that happened I would call my brother and my parents first too. My family is always priority over anyone.

    • I'm assuming that you figure your husband would be with you. Isn't your husband family to you? After all you chose to wake up next to him every morning for the rest of your life. You make life decisions based on how it effects the other you don't do those things with your parents and siblings once you find the person you are gonna settle down with. Especially if you have kids with your husband. I hope your husband doesn't know you don't see him as family or as important as your family.

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  • Why should he call you when you'll be next to him?

    • Lol I already said I didn't think of that in my other response

  • Get over it. Family over everything.

    • We are family to each other. He chose me and we live together I would think we are family to each other

    • Don't listen to Kshppatel... he's cold and heartless.

    • Yes I'm cold and heartless and do not deserve love or friendship. I'm so cold and heartless let me just sit here all by myself in deep thought at how much of a bad person I am. I am the type of person that doesn't deserve happiness and deserves to be alone forever.

  • Talk to him about this as soon as you can.

  • he prob thought that you would be with him on the plane so he would have already been there with you.

    • I didn't even think of that. Very good point.

    • nope prob. *throws on cool shades* just saving guys asses 1 step at a time *walks away into the sunset*

    • The best answer Anonymous :)

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  • Kind of silly to get that upset over a hypothetical question posed by a friend, isn't it? You say you've been short with him since he gave that answer - does he even know why you're being short with him? How long has this been going on?

    If it bothered you, you should have said something then and there. Get over it! You're really playing into the "women are overly sensitive/emotional" stereotype here...

    • That said, your Mom's advice was good. If something IS bothering you, talk about it.

  • Definitely talk to him about it. I'd feel hurt if I heard that response.

  • I agree with your mom, talk to him see what he thinks.


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