Hmm since my other questions were apparently spam, what's the best date you all have ever been on?

Like most creative, romantic, etc.


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  • Hm... I don't think I have a "best" date I've ever been on... but my favourites have always been the ones where we are out DOING something, instead of just watching a movie, eating dinner or having drinks. Like going to the beach, for a hike, playing mini golf, going to the driving range, go-karting.. that kinda thing. I also like going to hockey and lacrosse games for dates.

    First date with my current BF we went to the pub and played Big Buck Hunter for several hours. It was wonderful haha

    • lol those all sound good and I agree. I think my best was I took a girl to my brothers comedy show, got dinner and drinks and then saw a Broadway show. I was proud of myself lol and she loved it

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