Is your date smarter than a fifth grader?

You've met someone and they seem okay so far and you'd like to know them better. However, you're exchanging emails and they really have trouble mastering to/too, your/you're, and they're/their/there. Is it over at that point? Are they too stupid for you now? I know my grammar isn't perfect but it's over for me at that point. (Unless English is their second language). Thoughts?


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  • It's... pretty much over at that point, yes. Grammar is one of my favorite things. It's in my top 5 loves in this world.

    1. God
    2. Boyfriend
    3. Horse
    4. Family
    5. English grammar


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  • nah it ain't over. not for me at least. and who knows maybe they just didn't care at the time, but its no deal breaker.

    • True. I do allow for typos. Lol. I'd better hedge my question - My hypothetical assumes you've already ruled out carelessness and typos.

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    • Oh, and don't get me wrong, if she's hot I'm still going to try to sleep with her.

      After all, I don't want to lose my man card over grammar issues.

    • I understand bruh, I will let a lot of things slide for a hot girl.

  • My dates date probably wouldn't be!


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