What makes you really want to kiss a girl?

During a date or conversation, what is something that girls do that just make you want to kiss her? (examples: licking lips or gloss etc etc etc)


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  • i don't really understand are you asking what is hints a girl gives when she wants you to kiss her? Or is that you just can't find a way to kiss her ?

    • I mean like, during a date what hints can a girl give when she wants you to kiss her. Or things that a girl doesn't realize she is doing that makes a guy want to kiss her.

    • Well I don't know if my advice counts but if I wanted a guy to kiss me id show all of affection tehe move in close and touch his arm look into his eyes look at his lips ALOT and mayb bite my lips and have that suductive look I'm weird srry lol well get in really close to her next time and keep looking at her lips she if she responds in any way kk? well tell me what she did so mayb I can help bttr

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