I'm starting to feel like I'm becoming clingy and I don't like it?

My question disappeared. I met this guy, he texted me every day and called every other day at the start. There was a time he thought I wasn't interested so he took a step back. As soon as I noticed this I acted on it and we begun to talk more. We talk every couple of days now and I see him once a month. There are times we are both busy but I feel like we should talk/see each other more. I don't know if I'm expecting too much? I get the urge to message him a lot but I refrain from it.


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  • It's alright to be deeply attached to your partner as long as they appreciate it. you should just talk about it with your significant other to see if it bothers them.

    • He's not my partner, that's the thing. We are only dating, please see update

    • maybe you should pick up a hobby to keep yourself from being too attached. it will keep your mind off him for a bit

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  • Then pull back. Anything that you do that you think might be overboard? Refrain from doing it.

    This includes wanting to text your guy every 5 minutes. Randomly showing up at his place 18 times a week. Stalking his FB/Instagram/Twitter.

    • Thanks. I refrained from making contact for the last two days and gave in today. He was talkative but focused on himself a lot which is unusual, so the conversation died quickly, there wasn't much I could say.

      Lol thankfully he has no social media accounts and I wouldn't be able to find his house even if I tried, I'd get lost lol.

      Funnily enough he just texted me to ask how my day was. I just feel like we should see each other more, but not sure if this is too much to ask of someone I'm only dating. Thank you

    • You're welcome!

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