Tried to end things with guy, then he confesses he has feelings?

I have been seeing this guy little over 3 months. Well after we had sex (2 months after meeting him) he stopped making an effort. Kept hearing excuse after excuse why he doesn't communicate as much etc. Got sick of it so decided to end things. Then he agrees with me, says he has feelings and asks me out. Well I'll believe it when I see it but why can't men act right in the first place instead of when they get dumped??


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  • Sounds like he has feelings of some sort, but he's not sure what he truly wants is my best guess. At 3 months in, if i had true feelings for something long term... id be blowing up your phone with morning texts and such daily and hanging out a couple times a week.


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  • Exactly, and he acted stupid and did not realise how rude he was, if you start dating him again it will probably end the same way. So just do not get together with him again.

    • Sadly, I think this is just how he is. Flaky

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  • I just woulda been like alright see ya

    • That's what I thought he would say and I'm fine with it. I don't want to settle for breadcrumbs. I feel like I'm a puppet

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