He cancelled our date for a work event but lied to me about it.. should I give him another chance?

Yesterday was supposed to be our second date, he said that he was excited to see me but then cancelled earlier in the day, saying that one of his family members was in the hospital. He apologized twice and said he'll message me when he's available. I found out today (through mutual friends) that he was actually at a networking event.

He hasn't said anything to me since yesterday.. do you think that's a little suspicious? Why would he lie about something so small?


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  • Ask him. Just never make your own thoughts about anything. These thought making of yours just ruins the whole relationship. Go to him and just ask throw it yourself onto him. And get what you wanna hear.


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  • I would put him on thin ice. Confront him about the lie, hear him out and take it from there. If he shows no remorse about lying maybe it's best to part ways.


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