Is it true that people tend to like the opposite?

Is it true that people tend to like the opposite of themselves in terms of hair color and eye color? People say that guys with dark hair prefer girls with light hair and vice versa, and girls with dark hair prefer guys with light hair and vice versa. Is this true for the most part? I, myself, have golden blonde hair (in between light and dirty), as well as deep blue eyes. But my preference for girls is anywhere from light brown to dark brown, with blue, grey, or green eyes (colored eyes). I'm not taht picky, but the rule seems to apply to me with hair color (not eye color though). So what about you all? Does it apply to you? Also comment your own hair and eye color, as well as your highest prefrence in men.
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  • I honestly love a guy who is just into the same things as me! If we get along, we get along. Although I'm always a sucker for far hair and colored eyes!
    But it honestly doesn't matter

    • Far hair?

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    • I mean I've heard that but when it comes down to it, most will get over it.
      Dark hair I don't know why just seems nice at the thought, I'll admit. I don't know why it just looks good.
      But equally, blondes do too.
      ^thats coming from a lot of girls I know! Like a lot.
      Don't be worried about your hair. Honestly, blonde is hot , they both are. Like honestly. I do love a cute blonde.
      She isn't going to over look you just because, oh, he has blonde hair, ew.
      If that's the case. She's shallow to judge by someone's hair color

    • So if a girl had a preference for dark haired men, but she ended up dating me, would she be constantly saying in her head "God i wish he had dark hair", or would she get over it?

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  • I really don't have a physical type... though now that you mention it, I do tend to really like guys with big lips, whereas I have very thin ones... but I have been attracted to plenty of guys who don't.

    Current BF has big ol' kissin' lips :) But he has the same eye colour as me, so there goes your theory! lol

  • I have light hair, eyes and skin and have noticed I gravitate towards guys who are the opposite of me. But that doesn't mean I don't find men with all sorts of features attractive.

  • I like what looks good and treats me nice. It could be the blonde guy with blue eyes and facial scruff, or the slim light skin dread head with dark brown eyes. I go where the connection is. My preference follows.

  • My preference on hair colour is dark coloured and my hair is light brown, but I keep it dark. I have grey/blue eyes I really like brown eyes the most, but I wouldn't be bothered if the guy had a different eye colour.

  • You can't generalize like that. The truth is this: People's likes are varied and not usually on opposing traits.


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